Crystallized gestures

In a sitting position, bring your palms to the level of the chest. Open your elbows to the sides. Let the palms touch. Feel their pressure and the closed chain that you created through pressing the hands together. Breath in and out into your chest, its back, sides and front. Observe the movement of air filling in and emptying your lungs. Stay there as long as you enjoy it.

Bring hands in front of your chin and clasp them together. Let the eyes roll introverted. Your elbows rest on the side of your body. Your shoulders relax. Follow your breath. Let the thoughts run through you.

Bring your right hand on your chest and put it on your heart. Slightly fold your index finger and bring it on your lips. Kiss it on the side. Lower your hand and put it back on your chest. Then release your hand.

Bring your hands under your arm pits and hold them there. Right hand under the left arm pit and the left under the right. Let your shoulders sink and relax. After staying here for couple of breaths bring the right hand on your left shoulder. Let it hang there.

Open your palms so that they face you. Fingers are slightly below the eye level and the distance between your face and your hands is about one stretched finger. Your palms are shaped as if holding a small ball. Fingers are lightly touching each other. Elbows rest in a place comfortable for you. Shoulders relax. Eyes are rolled introverted and maybe your eyelids are half closed. Breath in and breath out. Relax your chest.

How does it feel to make those positions?


Did you get any familiar feeling while doing these gestures?

Somatic practices developed in the 19th century have integrated more embodied knowledge and approaches into our modern life. Practices stressing body-mind connection aim to help individuals to access information and experiences stored in their bodies and to learn how to listen to signals bodies send.

In different religious practices similar gestures of creating “closed circuits” that I propose here can be traced. Those from the perspective of religions are meant to establish a feeling of becoming one with the “creator”, with the universe, with the self. I see those gestures as forms of somatic practices.

Sometimes I feel somatic approaches are reduced to individual bodies. It is interesting to me to acknowledge multiply bodily process (physiological, psychological, sociological and political ones) that are not only seen through the individual lens but also perceived as group forming practices.

Bowing with heart

Bowing with heart

Bowing with heartPut your hands on your chest where your heart is. Let the head roll over to the front and your chest to follow. It is a sequential movement that has a hierarchic structure: First the head then the chest. Now, put your hands again on the chest....

Moving with heart (inspired by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen)

Moving with heart (inspired by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen)

Moving with heart (inspired by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen)Sometimes I find myself running after a “to do” list. My brain works faster then my body. The speed of my thoughts throws me all around. They jump from one thing to another, one image to another, from one emotion...

Where is your heart at?

Where is your heart at?

Where is your heart at?Find a quiet space Sit comfortably on a chair or on a sofa Close your eyes Put your hands on your chest where your heart is Breath in Breath out Feel the weight of your hands on your chest Lean back on the chair or the sofa Relax Deepen your...






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