Unforgettable two dance nights in Istanbul

„The relation of space and body is one of the topics discussed and written quite often in dance. With every new dance piece it is re-questioned and re-formulated. Except site-specific works, there is not much dance pieces where the audience is integrated to the piece through the materials and dancers’ bodies. The successful examples are very few. „Reverbs“ is one of them, one of the rare and succesful examples. Özlem Alkis’s two dance pieces „reverbs” and „dust devil” were the most succesful and impressive performances of the 2018/2019 dance season in Istanbul“. 

11.03.2019, M.Kerem Özel

Dancers transform into fantasy figures

“The artists succeed in a wonderful way in creating their own magic, a foreign world in which all elements intertwine.” (“We want to disappear” with MichaelDouglas collective – in tanzhaus nrw)

Julia Nimführ Westdeutsche Zeitung, 23.09.2018

Reverberation in the dark

“Alkis really make you experience the show for the sake of the show. No more questions. It’s subtle, effective and impressive. And definitely a successful end of the season (Reverbs – in tanzhaus nrw).”

Michael S. Zerban O-Ton, 11.07.2018

Magic snapshots

“An impressively obstinate pictures…On Rafael Nassif’s sound score , Özlem Alkis has created a visual and acoustic landscape that may amuse the audience one moment and disturb them the next.

Ulrike Strauch General-Anziger Bonn, 18.02.2017

Movement extremists and cloud makers

“The three of them stuffed flour bales in their mouths. They dust them in spurts, human fog machines. The three dancers are so many things: breeze and rushes of leaves, storm rays and wood creaking, roaring waves and howling ghosts. They breathe, blow and dance natural phenomena. Enduring, consistent and above all funny. Özlem Alkis’ choreography “Dust Devil” is a successful, humorous finale and highlight of the festival’s first evening of “638 Kilo Tanz und weitere Delikatessen”.

Sarah Heppekausen WAZ.de – Essen, 09.11.2015

Dance in the neighbourhood

“Özlem Alkis caused quite a stir with her choreography “Dust Devil”, which provokes our sense of time and body with humour and an erotic wink.

Thomas Linden Choices.de, November 26, 2015

Program night at the Academy of Arts

“A fruitful collaboration also resulted between the choreographer Özlem Alkis and the musician Rafael Nassif. In Alkis’ performance “Dust Devil”, the dancers blow clouds of flour into the air and produce sounds, deep from the throat, somewhere between singing, noise and screaming”.

Birgit Rieger Tagesspiegel, 30.05.2015