We Need to Move Together!

We need to move together! is an exchange project between German and Turkish dance artists. The two weeks of gathering aims at zooming in cultural and language mechanisms that construct the bodily practices and vice versa.

The lab builds up on exchange of working methods and witnessing artistic and physical practices with a further reading on socio-political and cultural background in contemporary dance practices.

In two weeks, in a Lab situation, six artists will work together to learn from eachother’s practices. Developed movement materials, questions and exchanged practices and method in a Lab situation will be shared in an open discussion and presentation.

The presentation of lab will take place at ehrenfeldstudios in Cologne on 16th and 17th of November 2017 with the participation of Gurur Ertem (sociologist, dance scientest, critics). Ertem will present a paper on how did the artistic practice changed after Gezi Park Protests in 2013 in Turkey.

The presentation will include an after talk and documentation of gathered questions and a map of artistic practices by Maren Zimmerman.


Participating artists: Mustafa Kaplan (TR), Silke Z.(DE), Dong Uk Kim(DE), Caroline Simon(DE), TBA.

Seminar: Gurur Ertem

Moderation, Documentation: Maren Zimmerman

Residency dates: 6-17 November 2017 @20:00




Wissmannstr. 38

50823 Köln


Organizer / Contact:

Özlem Alkis




Kunststiftung NRW



ehrenfeldstudios e.V