The Agency of Suboptimization

For a year, I joined several classes and individual sessions offered by various experts for „getting better”. I wanted to inform myself about myself from their perspectives. My journey led me to discoveries oscillating between optimization and oppression. Through bodily experiences and biographical recollections I had to face social and cultural influences, traces, roots and interferences. The audio-performance installation “The Agency of Suboptimization” will offer its services in Studio 11 at Quartier am Hafen. Please make a reservation and get better.

when: 19th, 20th, 21th of December between 10:00-14:00
at: Quartier am Hafen (Studio 11)
Address: Poller Kirchweg 78-90, 51105 Köln

Performance, text, choreography, concept: Özlem Alkis
Dramaturgical collaboration: Constanze Schellow

This project is supported in the frame of “Körperoptimierungsexperten – Körperwissen” Research Project by SK Stiftung Kultur der Sparkasse KölnBonn