We began walking THERE we have been

Darkness fills the space. Very slowly, the contours of more and more things begin to appear. All of the elements on stage – the bodies of two dancers, sound, light and various objects – are considered to be equal protagonists. Each detail influences the progression of the choreography and opens up new realms of possibility. Again and again, the two performers craft new layers and thus enable various perspectives on the events at hand. They take on new standpoints, create fanciful transition-al landscapes, pile up and then rearrange what they find in front of them. With its repetitive nature, this work develops an enduring narrative, an everlasting moment in time – a performance without beginning or end.


We began walking THERE we have been is a performance for two performers and flashlights, which are operated by the two. The choreography is made of simple actions, focused on the interaction of light with body image/movement. As the performers simultaneously are operators and actors, so is the light. At times, its movement becomes the main player, so it’s perceived as an entity, a body. Other times, it illuminates another body or location.

we began walking THERE we have been is composed through a mirroring logic, meaning each action always reflect something of the previous one. The result is a detailed performance, in which each step, location and action are precisely measured and contributing to the overall visual, musical and sometimes magical experience.


Duration: 30 min

Concept, choreography and performance: Özlem Alkis and Maayan Danoch

Music: Ivan Mijacevic

Visuals: Sonda3

Production: Özlem Alkis and Maayan Danoch

Coproduced by: tans.tausch Festival

Supported by: Kunststiftung NRW and ZAIK-Zentrum für Austausch und Innovation in Köln